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The Arts Over ACEs® Center, housed at Learning Through Art, is designed to help mitigate the lasting impacts ACEs have on children's well-being and educational attainment by engaging the whole family in arts-based programming that strengthens parent-child relationships and builds literacy and life skills.

The Arts Over ACEs® Center provides tools that help children and families become more resilient and overcome barriers. The center utilizes the national award-winning Books Alive! For Kids® performing arts literacy program to build stronger families while improving literacy outcomes through sight, sound and touch. 

What are ACEs?

ACEs stands for adverse childhood experiences. These can include factors like poverty, abuse, and homelessness.


Logic Model:

Logic Model

Arts Over ACEs® Center Programs:

Books Alive! For Kids® Family Adventures

Books Alive! For Kids® Family Literacy Nights

Books Alive! For Kids® Little Peeps Program

Saturday Super Sessions


Upcoming Events:

BA!FK® Family Adventures: Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Music Hall

Angels for Arts Over ACES®

This program would not be possible without the generous support of these donors: