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Family Adventures

Take your family on a reading adventure! These programs are held at famous arts & cultural organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Each child who attends will receive 1 FREE Books Alive! For Kids® Backpack, a live performance related to the book, and free family admission to the adventure location. 

Each Books Alive! For Kids® Backpack includes:

  • 1 book

  • 1 set of Vocabulary Words

  • 1 Back Pack Plan to guide you through the program

  • 1 Craft that parents can make with their child


Join us for our Next Adventure:

Cincinnati Music Hall

Saturday, february 2, 2019


Fiona the hippo, by richard Cowdrey

“Fiona the Hippo, by New York Times bestselling artist Richard Cowdrey of Bad Dog, Marley fame, tells the story of Fiona, the adorable internet sensation from the Cincinnati Zoo who captured hearts around the world with her inspiring story and plucky personality.

Born prematurely, at only 29 pounds, Fiona was not expected to live. But her spunk and determination (along with lots of love and support from her caregivers at the zoo) helped her thrive and become a happy, healthy hippopotamus. With every challenge she faced, Fiona let out a snort, wiggled her ears, and said “I’ve got this.” And she did! In this delightful story, inspired by the real adventure of this heroic hippo, join Fiona and her lovable animal friends at the zoo as she is introduced to the world in this whimsical and inspiring tale of perseverance and friendship.

A heroine for children everywhere, smart, sassy, fearless Fiona will steal readers’ hearts and give them the courage to face whatever challenges they might have in their own lives.

Fiona the Hippo is an endearing animal book that makes a splash with a dazzling cover that shimmers and shines with foil.”