Mosaic Edutainment

These interactive lecture-performances are designed to build character and teach lessons about music history & theory. Each workshop is performed live by our talented CEO, the award-winning jazz entertainer Kathy Wade. 

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Learning Through Art, Inc. presents A Black Anthology of Music (BAM), a historical exploration of the origins of American classical music, JAZZ.  The program is a mix of lecture and performance with music from legendary jazz artists to demonstrate their influence on today’s current musical trends including ‘Rap’.

Rhythms ... Common Bonds begins with listening to rhythms.  The first rhythm in our lives is the human heartbeat, which thousands of years ago were first expressed by the beating of the drum.  The drum became an integral means of communication between people who lived great distances apart. 

A musical cocoon envelops the audience to see, hear and touch the textural rhythms of Jazz.  International award-winning jazz entertainer Kathy Wade takes the 'art off the walls and onto the stage' through this interactive multi-media musical presentation.