Books Alive! For Kids®

A four-time EMMY nominated national award winning performing arts literacy program, targeted at students PreK-3rd grade. Books Alive! For Kids® is designed to enhance creative thinking, writing, reading, art and music education. The program's goals are to reduce childhood illiteracy, teach resilience, and stimulate a love for learning with all our senses. The success of the program has been proven through increased reading scores and comprehension.

How It Works:

Session 1: See It!
Read the book… and use the Book Box/Backpack contents to engage students with questions, vocabulary strips and extended activities. 

Session 2: Touch It!
Make the Craft…and become an artist! 

Session 3: Hear It!
Watch the Emmy-nominated Performance… and see how quickly students learn the values presented in each Books Alive! For Kids® book title.

Take It Further!
Visit Books Alive! For Kids Online Resource Center… for supplemental materials designed to allow classroom exploration of related topics for a variety of grade levels, interests and abilities.


“I like the way all the books already have the vocabulary cards done and ready to use for pre and post reading activities. I used the vocabulary cards in my writing learning station.Students used the vocabulary words to write their own stories!” 

~Bridgeport Elementary, CT