'Giraffes Can't Dance' BA!FK® Book Box

'Giraffes Can't Dance' BA!FK® Book Box


This Books Alive! For Kids® Book Box is a complete program, which includes:

  • 1 full sized book
  • 1 Study Guide to outline the program
  • 1 set of Vocabulary Learning Strips
  • Craft materials for 24 students*
  • Extended Activities (included in study guide)
  • Access to our online Resource Center

*Do you have more than 24 students? This Book Box contains enough materials for exactly 24 students. If you require more craft materials, please select an additional “craft pack” before adding this item to your cart. Each “craft pack” contains materials for 24 additional students.

Enhance Your Experience! Each Books Alive! for Kids® product includes access to our free online Resource Center, which contains multi-sensory supplementary materials. 

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